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Two leaders in USI-Tech that I follow, Justin Verrengia & Mike Hobbs, held a webinar that combines EVERYTHING in the 3 fast start videos I mention in the video above. We've condensed our recommendations down to 2 super strategies that will change your financial future forever."

- Gerald Walker Jr.

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If you have any questions just shoot me an email. If you need to watch the webinar replay more than once to understand the strategies, please do so.

Your future will be so much brighter when you invest in USI-Tech BTC & Token Packages and implement our 2 strategies!

Also, there is ton more valuable information below! Feel free to 'geek' out on USI-Tech all you want :-)

But to be honest, after watching the webinar above, if you're not going all out and doing everything possible to get a bitcoin wallet funded right NOW, then I would be shocked!

My entire team would be shocked because 100% of everybody who is following these two strategies is setting themselves up to earn 6 and 7 figure incomes in 2018.

I can't wait for you start earning without any sales or recruiting experience needed!